Saturday, 10 December 2011

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die


Pop Blimp are predicting a MEGA 2012 for Lana Del Rey.  With two pretty amazing tracks released this year 'Blue Jeans' and 'Video Games', we are screeching with excitement to tell you about her latest escapade.   

So what is new with a the darling Lana?

Well, her Album 'Born to Die' is due to be released early January 2012 and we CAN NOT WAIT to get our hands on a copy.  To get us in the mood (and fair enough, a rather sad mood) the album track and video are working there way around the blogosphere, so make sure you stop and listen.

Pop Blimp artist of the year goes to.....


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  1. We've had mixed reviews from our writers - would you say you agree with their assessment, or is it all good for you?